Teaching Experience

I worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Economics Department, McGill University for two semesters. The course that I chose to work on was Economic Development I (ECON 313), which introduces students to various concepts in economic development such as economic growth, poverty, inequality, institutions, and migration.

Below you can find some of my students’ evaluations. I take a look at my course evaluations whenever I would like to remind myself that others find value in what I do, and that makes my day!

“He was amazing. The dedication and time that he gave students was greatly appreciated. He also knew so much about the course material, and he was great at explaining, he could’ve easily taught the class himself. He puts so much effort in helping us and making sure that everything is clear and it was a gift to have him as a TA for this class” (Fall 2019)
“Best Teaching Assistant! Goes out of his way to help students succeed. Explanations were very clear. Thorough knowledge of the class material and evaluations.” (Winter 2020)
“The most dedicated and hard–working TA I’ve had at McGill. He really goes above and beyond to make sure the students succeed. Very prepared and professional.” (Fall 2019)
“Conferences were done in an organized manner, did a fantastic job at simplifying the material seen in class to make it more understandable. Was always available for consultation and made sure all of our questions were answered.” (Winter 2020)

You can find all of my students’ evaluations and comments here and the formulas sheet that they liked here.